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Happy Holidays?
Surprising Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

1.  Never Arrive Hungry

     Plans to go to a holiday party? Eat before you go! Always plan ahead.  Eat a

small healthy snack such as veggies and hummus or a greek yogurt.  This way

you might eat less and avoid over indulging in all the holiday goodies. 

2.  Beware of Booze

    I know, alcohol can be pretty enticing, especially around the holidays.  However,

booze can add unnecessary calories, not to mention loosen your inhibitions

around food.  Sip on sparkling water or club soda in a fun, fancy glass.

3.  Cave into Cravings

    Yes!  Cave in!  There is a but...  Acknowledge a few of your favorite foods using the 3 bite rule.  This may help to curve your desire.  However, if you still want more, walk away.  Distract yourself. Chew gum, engage in good conversation or even break out into a dance.

4.  Outsmart Buffet

    If possible, avoid the buffet.  If not, be smart.  Watch your plate size (10 inches best), single story helpings only, limit sauces and dips, and be picky.  Only choose those foods you can't live without.

5.  Move It and Lose It

    Don't feel pressure to start a weight lifting routine or run a marathon, just add a few minutes each day of some type of physical activity.  Take the stairs, park far away, or take a family walk.  Find a partner to help with motivation as well as to hold you accountable. 

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